Abigail & Kendall

I’m totally behind on blogging, but I’d like to share Abigail & Kendall’s session with you. The girls just turned 5 last week and I loved spending the evening with them. Although they are twins, they are almost complete opposites! Abigail is Miss Sass-A-Frass while Kendall is far more laid back and tomboyish. Kendall has curly hair & blue eyes & Abigail has pin straight hair & green eyes. Both girls are absolutely gorgeous. I can almost guarantee their parents are in trouble when they get older.

Photographing Abigail & Kendall was like photographing my daughter. They posed beautifully and looked at the camera when THEY wanted to. Otherwise, forget it. Something I find to be typical with almost every little girl I work with. For some reason I LOVE the sass. It’s so funny watching a 5 year old try to be miss independent. Shortly after they usually realize that they won’t get the ice cream that their mom promised them if they don’t cooperate, well, that’s when I get the shots I want. 

Their mom Tara let the girls play in the lake after we wrapped up our session. I decided to stick around and chat for a bit, and I am so glad I did. Some of my favorite pictures of Abigail are from when she was playing in the water. I’m sure poor Tara had a blast driving home sopping wet children, but hopefully she will think it was worth it after seeing the pictures :)