Colin {Bucks County Children Photographer}

How stinkin’ cute is this baby? Colin had the prettiest eyes and was all smiles up until the end of the session when he started to get tired. Being only six months old, he wasn’t sitting up on his own quite yet, but we did manage to get a few cute shots of him propped up. Colin didn’t mind being on his belly which made for some great photos as well. Getting a six month olds attention is a lot harder than it might seem. Most of the time when you finally do get their attention the resulting photo is them giving you a nasty look for distracting them from what they actually wanted to look at. Luckily his mom, Amy, came prepared with some of his toys to help get his attention, keeping the mean mugs I received to a minimum.

Andy and Amy were referred to me by Noah’s parents (thank you, Shireen and Juby!!) and I was looking forward to meeting them. They were both really easy to get along with, and so laid back, which always makes my job easier! I can’t wait to see this cutie again for his first birthday portraits!