Max {Bucks County Children Photographer}

I’ve seen pictures of Max over the last year and a half, but it was so nice to finally meet the little man! Max’s mom, Amber, and I used to work together about 5 years ago. I was excited when she emailed me wanting to schedule a session for his 2 year portraits! She lives a little over an hour away from me, but I was happy to make the trip.

Most parents say their kids are complete hams for the camera when they are taking the shots, but when you put a stranger behind that camera, it’s usually a completely different story. However, Max needed no time to warm up to me and had no problem with me following him around taking his pictures. Things did get sketchy when the ducks in the park decided to pay a visit and walk RIGHT up to Max. Poor kid loved them at a distance, but was petrified once they got close. We got him settled, Mom changed his shirt, and gave him some time to have a drink.

Amber asked me to get some balloons filled on my way to the session for some of the pictures since Max apparently LOVES balloons. Come to find out, he DOES NOT love balloons that are bigger than him and the only way we were able to get some shots with the balloons was to tie them to the bench behind him. After some persuasion, he stood in front of the bench allowing me to get a few quick pictures. Hopefully Max won’t always associate me with scary ducks and balloons… 

Not only was it great to meet Max, but it was really nice to catch up with Amber! Amber just got engaged, so I’m *hoping* to get a call for their wedding photography (wink, wink)! Thanks, Amber, for asking me to do Max’s portraits! Hope you enjoy!