She said yes!

I was so excited when Eric contacted me over a month ago about photographing his proposal to his girlfriend, Meredith. I think every girl would love to have such an important moment captured. Challenge in all of it was the fact that I had to be hidden, and was unable to use any flash, strobe, or professional lighting during the actual proposal. Eric and I met at the restaurant where he planned to propose (and they had had their first date) to scope out the lighting, and see if using no flash was even a possibility. Although the room was dark, we lucked out and were able to make it work.

I might have been as nervous as Eric when the big day arrived, but a good nervous. I had not even met Meredith yet, but was SO excited for her, and couldn’t wait to see her reaction. She was COMPLETELY surprised!! Eric had told her to meet him at a political happy hour at the restaurant, so she was clueless. Everything was absolutely perfect. To top it all off, both of their families were downstairs and were sent up after she said yes. I took everything I had not to put down my camera and jump into the celebration and tears.

The celebration continued downstairs with drinks and appetizers. I stuck around for some group shots, and am glad I did. Their families were so very sweet, and you can tell they have nothing but love for Eric and Meredith.

Congratulations to the both of you! I am thrilled to have been a part of such an important night.