The most important thing I took away from my wedding (besides a husband) was memories, and the day was such a blur most of memories are reconstructed from Jess’s absolutely stunning photographs. She captured moments that make smile, me tear up, and laugh out loud.

Jess managed to document my entire day in such beauty and without being intrusive on delicate moments. More than just documenting the day, she honed in on the character of our wedding–of our friends, family, and us.


Jessica Kripp Photography was one of the only vendors for my wedding that I absolutely had no worries about. I knew Jess would be on time, professional, fun, and most importantly that I would get phenomenal photos of my entire wedding day. I am so thankful that I booked her as early as I did.


Our wedding photos were the best gift given to us. Jessica’s style is unlike anything else. Wedding photos are an investment that will last more than a lifetime. And if she is booked for your wedding date already, you may want to consider changing your own date. She was on top of everything before I even thought of it. It was really nice having her effortlessly guide me through the process.


Jess is the absolute best, she is the first vendor I booked after getting engaged. I knew from seeing her photos that I couldn’t have anyone else and OF COURSE she did not disappoint!

She was extremely flexible with me throughout the whole process and she also really helped me with her expert knowledge when I had no idea how to handle certain things. She even published a few photos right after the wedding on Facebook so that I had great quality images to show people right away!


Jessica Kripp Photography is simply amazing! Jess is truly talented in what she does and she captured our day perfectly. The pictures represented us and our family’s personalities to a T and she made the session fun! Every single photo perfectly captured the happiness we felt at that moment.

She made sure to cater to every need or concern that we had and made us feel special throughout the entire process. I booked Jess from across the country and it couldn’t have been less stress free.


To be honest, Jess was much more than a photographer. Needless to say she was great during our allotted picture taking time, but she was so much more to us than she needed to be. She served as a go-to person to talk to when we needed anything from a glass of water or someone to keep the limo driver from leaving without us! When she is taking her best pictures, you won’t even realize she is there (found this out after we saw our pictures!).The quality of the photos we received was beyond our expectations. We couldn’t be happier!


Honestly, you have become like a part of our family. We look forward to the photography sessions and know that you will turn our vision into a reality. You make us and the kids feel so comfortable. You take as much time that is needed and I never feel rushed like I have in the past with photographers. You are totally present during the sessions and are a perfectionist, which shows in your work. We look forward to working with you for years to come!

I have referred many of my friends to Jessica and they are return customers as well. All of our houses are full of Jessica Kripp pictures and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I recommend Jessica Kripp to people that are not even really looking for a session or realize what their life is missing.


I have admired Jess’s work for years, and after hiring many others and not being happy, I finally hired Jess after continuously admiring her work. I couldn’t have been happier with Jess. From the beginning until even past delivery, she exceeded my expectations (which were very high particular). Communication with her was amazing from the very beginning. She made the kids (& myself) feel comfortable throughout the entire session, and I am absolutely in love with our results (especially as I stare at a few canvas prints right now). The final pictures show happy reactions, happy moments, and even some silliness and tears that I’m definitely happy to have captured. I will definitely be hiring Jess again in the future.